the IDIOT: A.K.A BOOK-BRAIN (rectified)

What kind of idiot reads a review realises there are spoilers and continues to read it through to the end only to complain? Someone who goes by the name of Book-Brain is who. If my brain was made of paper I’d be idiotic too.

Next time don’t send me one of your petulant sarcastic messages and expect to get away with it. This is not one of those dedicated film blogs, I’m telling you what I saw and what I thought in full. Don’t read on if you think its going to ruin it for you, in fact don’t come on here at all! I will endeavour to be more careful but I’ve just Had enough of annoying plebs that take it all way too seriously when it comes to talking about film and I certainly do not respond well to comments like Book-Brains.


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