Ophelia LOVIBOND: i’m crushing

Girl crush ALERT

Cast aside Carey Mulligan. Jump ship Juno Temple. Reel it in Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Kat Dennings…well you can stay but make room for my new gush magnet OPHELIA LOVIBOND.

Even her name, her name should have you hooked. This girl first came to my attention in 4231 but when I say attention, I mean I saw the trailer and her on the red carpet and subsequently a few of those ”50 of the most youngest and future”  blah blah blah type lists all over. It was her comical, whimsical turn as letter P loving Pippa in the movie adaptation of the 1930s childrens book Mr. Popper’s Penguins that really cemented what I already suspected (have you seen her style??!…she’s like a vintage doll healthier and more charming than Alexa) and now I can say it out loud. Ophelia Lovibond I love you.

I want her to lend me her wadrobe be my friend, just like I wanted Kat Dennings lips and wit, Mulligans endearing charm and dimples, J.Temples hair and skin and RHW’s legs and heart tattoo.

I’m seriously crushing on this girl. I’m going to watch the incomprehensible No Strings Attached (Ashton Kutcher: shudder)  just to see her comic turn in the movie. There are better things to come from this Brit actress for sure, until then I will champion her name until she does the Emily Blunt and stays in the US and develops a dodgy Ameri-can’t accent ala Joss Stone and Emily Blunt.


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