If you do something good this year then make sure it’s watching this. Community is brilliant comedy, I havent laughed so much back to back since I watched 2 series worth  Arrested Development.

Community is a smart comedy series about a band of misfits who attend Greendale Community College. At the center of the group is Jeff Winger (Joel McHale), a fast-talking sarcastic lawyer whose degree has been revoked. With some help from his fellow classmates, Winger forms a study group who eventually learn more about themselves than their course work.

I remember watching the pilot and not being impressed, but a couple of friends kept banging on that it was totally my thing and they were so right. I’m glad that in a state of unemployment I had the time to just bash a couple of episodes beyond the pilot out. Now I’m never looking back. Every single character is solid gold in the show. From the central 7 (more recently 8 with Ken Jeong taking a more recurring role) to the supporting well executed roles of Dean Pelton and drive by characters like naughty old man Leonard and Starburns (a man who has sideburns are shaped like stars!). I wanted to focus on the brilliant Senor Chang (Ken Jeong before and during success in Hangover part 1 and 2 and Transformers 3) as the cause of my glee but over time I have come to love Annie, Shirley, Troy and Jeff even more but they’re all so great. Plus Chevy Chase! Nuff said biatches (Senor  Chang would have said it like that)

Here are two videos of some of my favourite scenes. Seriously I would upload the 2 series if I could. One is a dedication to Ken Jeong’s awesomeness as ‘Spanish teacher’ Senor Chang


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