three TUNES

Three tunes in my head. I love them all.

Devotchka’s How it Ends re-entered my life after I watched an old favourite film of mine, Little Miss Sunshine, the other week. It’s a little solemn, haunting and all those pretentious descriptive words people who write about music in NME will tell you it is.

Next up I can not deny that the 80s was probably the time in which I should have grown up as a teen, living in the New York State (thinking every movie to come out of NYC at the time) or LA (Beverly Hills Cop, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure…Blade Runner). Whatever it was 1986 when this Jermaine Stewart tune released (incidentally when I was born) and yes a recent advert has most definitely compelled me to add it to my playlist. Plus the video is so cool.

John Boutte. I LOVE live music. It’s an unconditional if not a little enforced love that my music loving Pa engrained in his children. Now that one of the best dramas to come from HBO and in a decade is back – Treme – it means the theme tune is burning a hole in my ears. The last video is a live recording of Boutte and clan jamming to the Treme, its so chaotic. New Orleans is definitely on the list, and when I do I’ll be shaking my tail feather with a bottle of sazerac.


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