is like a fine wine

I can’t will not continue that line.

His movies barring a few you could count on one hand are not that great, yet I always find myself staying up past the godly hour to see him kick ass and save the day. I prefer his *slightly lame* action man to the usual Willis and Stallone, in fact I think Harrison Ford is continuously over looked. He is the president, the banker, the fugitive who dun no wrong…the everyman but not…he’s still Hans Solo and Mr Jones, but he’s likable and a star without the imposing ego of his bulging peers.

Seriously though where will you find a better old man who can jump hell high and over water to save his family…his ridiculously young family, and still come out on the other side, despite single-handedly fighting off and out smarting a 5 man strong group of villainous, er, villains ?

Actually the answer to that question is not that far behind. Its Liam Neeson (seen below clutching an apple…ah). The natural and rightful successor of Fords, always-been-old-since-I’ve-known-them-and-yet-age-very-slowly* old man assassin.


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