Little Things

I was clearing out the pictures from my camera and came across photos I’d long forgotten I’d even taken.

In particular pictures of my beautiful family. It occurred to me that my sisters German Godmother took numerous amounts of photos of the family and friends when my parents lived in Germany and where my sister grew up for the first 7 years of her life.

I still love looking at them, partly because I love the smell of the cellophane protector, the old photographic paper and how the colours are tinted with browns and yellows like the 70s was actually made of that colour. Mainly because a lot of the photos document a time when me and my brother were non-existent. It’s strange, this young black family in   1979 – early 80s living in a very un cosmopolitan (and at the time) troubled European country. The story goes that my mum was walking in the supermarket with my sister when a middle-aged woman stopped her and cooed over the beautiful black baby girl.

My sister loves to point out that she was and is indeed still beautiful and that who could blame this white middle class Fräulein from falling ‘in love’ with her. Whatever, she’s not far off, she was gorgeous and is very beautiful and the numerous pictures taken by her Godmother and my parents that border on the Dorian Gray, prove it.

So for all the pictures and stacks of albums we had then we kind of stopped taking photos with film, printing them and filing them away. Instead its all digital, which is kind of sad. So when I found these I thought I’d make up a little album and post them on here for self-indulgence sake (it is a blog all about me after all) so I knew I had the images somewhere to show off.

Its become apparent that me and my family have a tradition going for birthdays, new years etc. Birthdays usually involve home-made cake, champagne, and cake. I love that we do this. More importantly I love showing them off – I have to admit we’re quiet a close family when it comes to doing birthdays and such it’s so important that we’re together. END RANT.


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