ENGLAND V GHANA: A snapshot or few

When best to go to your first ever football match than to an international friendly one?

I was born and raised in England, however my parents and roots go back to Ghana. So I knew this was a match I couldn’t miss. Especially after how well Ghana did in the 2010 World Cup. I was so ridiculous when I got there, making my friends snap pictures of me with my silly scarf, but it was such a good atmosphere and the feeling as the match proceeded (my want for Ghana as the underdogs) my Ghanaian pride (of which we pretend not to have but when the moment presents we shout from the rooftops) seeped through and away I was waving my friend Carl’s (also a fellow Gha) Ghana flag. It was an experience I will never forget, I’m still gushing (clearly) and now I’m going to actively try to support Arsenal at matches.

My Sister and little brother also attended and were fortunate enough to be engulfed in the Ghana side of the crowd. Judging by the face paint and that mad look in my sisters eye they had a good time.


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