Beiber Fever? pah I have SARS.

Bruno Mars or the SARS (haha…urgh) effect has got me beat not going to lie. I read somewhere that his album was a collection of upbeat musings…um. No. I’ll give it that a few Doo Wops are in there, but like Cee-Lo’s Fuck You (coincidentally co-penned by Mars) it’s happy, Motown favoured beats with some with underlying sinister lyrics.

Sheesh Bruno, wouldn't want to get on your wrong side.

Grenade for example is kind of scary. The man is obsessed with this said ‘baaaaaby’ woman that he would die for her, even though she has no intention of doing the same. The lyrics are harsh and cussing, in one instance me and  friend must have been paying better  attention to the lyrics one time we both look at each other when he was done and breathed a sigh of relief it was so intense.

Jasper: I love you Annie. I love you so much I'm going to eat you.



Tangent: Kind of reminds me of the relationship between 90210’s Annie and drug dealer -film maker-stalker crazy-boyfriend Jasper (left).





Then you have the obvious hits like Just the way you are *swoon* and Other Side. However Marry You has me jumping like a Glee cast member. Yes the song was in Glee, and at the time I didn’t make the connection! I thought it was likely a song by a band like Train (ew). So when I was cleaning my room with his album set to play in the background my ears pricked up when this song came on. It’s so much silly! proper sunny disposition song love it.

Bruno Mars – Marry You


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