1. Tea and frolic with Rosie, Bluck and Nina.
  2. Quality sibling time with Apple Pie @ Boswells in Covent Garden
  3. oVePie by me. I was so proud I took the same photo to make sure I could savour it before we devoured it.
  4. An excerpt of an interview with Actor Ashley Walters in ES magazine a couple of weeks ago. Made me laugh out loud on the tube. I love doing that.
  5. The doors to childhood lost. Blue Peter in the BBC studio. Haunting.
  6. Tea (again) @ Yamachaa mmm. / Nina sends me a pic of her sipping Gin in Tenerife/ Pointless producer gives us Krispy Kremes for being good/ The Doughnut jumper made for me/ Chilling at Southbank centre (pic taken courtesy of my beautiful Sula)/ A brilliant interview with David Lynch in Shortlisted that I have kept/ ‘Bee Happy’ on the wall Mint St SE1/Random book pic and woman ala Yumchaa people watch.



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