What next – Goonies 25 years on?

PITCH: The Goonie’s are now adults, with responsibilities and kids that were just like them when they were younger – only their kids are like the opposites of them – y’know ? like Mouths kid is like a shy reclusive geek and the product of a single parent; Chunks kid is like a super skinny but funny…actually lets make him fat; Data’s kid is chinese. He’s – no wait SHE is also really clever but finds it hard to live up to Daddy Data’s expectations – because well that’s an Asian thing right?. Brand and Andy have a spoilt bratty girl or something, whatever she’s pretty and her cousins are the Mikey Walsh’s kids- the oldest a teenage girl with all her angst and ‘issues’ (and braces) and her central character brother  Mikey Jr (hey gotta keep some clever links to the old movie right) is always getting in to trouble – like Marty McFly. The kids are forced to go on this adventure and there are pirates, oh no wait we already did that, maybe gangsters …oh wait…ah what the hell we’ll do it all again. Throw in some jock guy who is like a love interest trying to break free from the prejudice Mikey Jr’s big sis has placed on him (but we all know it’s because she lurrves him) and his determination not to be a dumb jock –  give him a less-than-jocky-friend (ala the male Martha Plimpton role) and hey you’ve got a blockbuster hit. It’s not like anyone will notice the blatant rip off when we put GOONIES 2 on the poster anyway and for good will, we’ll get the whole old cast to come back and cameo…except Brolin…yeah, he’s not coming back. Something to do with filming conflicts and Cohen bros …whatever – hey  if we bring  Zemeckis in instead of Donner…do you reckon he’ll do it in 3D? …thats kind of what he’s about now right? Awesome cool.

*NB:Oh and Mikey Snr remembers (because since growing up he’s changed and he’s got all this adult seriousness about him) at the end of the movie what it means to be a GOONIE.

Word to your mother Goonies 2 is actually in the pipeline – but is the above what it will be about? maybe.  It might also be very good. But my point is – why do they have to do this? that’s what was so great about films during the 80s and 90s (kids films predominantly) they were brilliant. I love how everyone in that age bracket can usually relate to the simpler times of childhood when things like (and to name a few) VCR‘S,  everything Spielberg, Disney, Robin Williams, Schwarzenegger, Culkin and Dom Deluise were the crop and driving force of kids entertainment and it was fruitful – now its all sequels, remakes and adaptations, all fine (Disney still does it well) some brilliantly executed (Pirates, HP). I just want something new for the kids.

A sequel of Adventures in Babysitting probably isn’t it. I see Selena Gomez or Emma Roberts (both likeable and capable) in the Elisabeth Shue type role.

But I don’t have to like it.


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