The Review: Tangled

I watched a preview of this a while ago during my busy period hence my inability to post about it. However it’s suddenly everywhere in the UK so I wanted to pipe up and have my say.

Pixar has not done it again. This is a Disney only production (50th animated feature in fact) and they have done it well. It’s got all the ingredients of a traditional Disney animated movie of the 90s era – but this time they’ve embraced the computer animated medium fully, and it really works.

Tangled is a re-telling of the German fairytale Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm complete with singing (acted and sung by Mandy Moore) villains, sidekicks and Love of course.

The story:

An elderly witch named Gothel uses a single magical flower with miraculous healing powers to keep herself young as she sings to it. When the flower is uprooted and used to cure the queen of a nearby kingdom, who is also expecting a child, Gothel later learns that the healing powers are now retained within the  golden-haired newborn princess, Rapunzel. With the knowledge that the uncut hair of the child could forever keep her youthful, Gothel kidnaps Rapunzel and locks her in a tower in the deep dark wood, raising the child as her own.

Fast forward eighteen years and Rapunzel joined by a pet Chameleon named Pascal is yearning to be ‘part of that world’ so to speak – so, kickstart a course for adventure, romance, tears and a subsequent happy ending and Tangled is perhaps everything 2009’s The Princess and the Frog movie was frustratingly not. It’s  funny, endearing , beautifully constructed and not bogged down with the politically correct subtext that plagued the Frog Princess before it was even finished.

Almost all the characters have wonderfully expressive disproportionate eyes than is usually normal for a Disney animation and aside from the fact that Mandy Moore is becoming a serious contender as a young comedic actress – seriously check out her credits and actually watch her recent films and you’ll be surprised – Tangled does not have a pool of famous actors lending their voices, as is the norm for almost every computer animated film released over the past decade. Instead the focus is on its high quality production and entertaining content to carry it through.

Its definitely not the most ground-breaking delivery from Disney, that crown still sits firmly on the Beauty and the Beast as far as I’m concerned, but it’s a worthy addition to the animation pioneers portfolio and perhaps as special for the new generation as the Little Mermaid was for me  as a 3-year-old in 89.


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