TOP TEN: TV 2010 revised

ADDENDUM: This had to be revised – because reasons for which I am ashamed to admit I had forgotten on of the best written, acted and produced dramas of last year (again via HBO):  TREME. I have thus replaced Apprentice in favour of the late and great scribe David Simon‘s (of The Wire fame) beautiful drama set in post Hurricane Katrina New Orleans and added it to the top 10 telly programmes last year. I hope Treme returns to the small screen this year.

If you happen to get access to the all so very clever and audience aware SKY channel exclusively broadcasting HBO productions (clever Murdoch) then I urge you to watch them all. It’s all about HBO…and Mark Wahlberg’s executive producing talent strangely…

Whether or not you agree – this is MY round-up of the top ten television programmes of 2010. Some I recently discovered, some are brand new state side (and  may not have aired in the UK) an others I just fell in love with after a trial period. All were consistently enjoyable. Next year will be better though.

Boardwalk Empire

How to Make it in America

Downton Abbey


Doctor Who



Good Wife




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