Ooo we were/are so full of jubilation in the Kessie household come midnight, 2011 you are most welcome!
We watched the firework display from our balcony and I have to say, LONDON did herself proud. It was better than any Guy Fawkes or previous NYE night I’ve witnessed [all in London] even the millenium was a let down. This year I think we truly had pulled out all the stops  and synched to music from the likes of Florence+The Machine, Dizzy etc…What was even more special for us was that we could hear/see it all – it was like living next to an arena or football stadium…in fact it reminded me of waking up in my tent at Glastonbury and to the sounds of Tom Jones kicking things off on stage in the background somewhere in the Pyramid Tent..surreal.

Hopefully last nights (this morning?) display is a definitely a good indicator of things to come for the Olympics next (eeek) year.

Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner that I truly love her so…


the video (HTC mob job) really does it no justice…





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