Tom 4 C.J

One of my oldest friends is a Superman Hussy. She loves him – and all who have donned the S red and blue cape. However she loves Mr Welling’s take on the pre-Superman super heroic years  adaptation ‘Smallville‘ .


Like most I did think Mr Tom was deserved of taking the character to the big screen in 2007. He didn’t. He ruled it out himself. Whatevs. He’s still exec producing the series and can probably thank his lucky stars because that 2007 film was perhaps the most disappointing next to Spiderman 3 (shudder). What strikes me about Tom Welling‘s superman is his ability  (like Christopher Reeves) to display vulnerability  and believable super-human strength with a flick of a scene…and this guy doesn’t even have glasses yet!

For you CJ




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