A Door in A Wall

It suddenly came to my attention that I had failed to post anything about the A Door In A Wall event I posted about.

Its been a couple of weeks now and I’m still getting flashbacks of the dead dude in the Shower day and reeling over the sheer quality in execution of the murder mystery game. I can not speak highly of it enough. I have lived in London all my life and its an old city, but you tend to stick to what you know after a while, or the places your mother used to drag you to (Petticoat lane) you forget about. I know about its sordid back street murders back in the renaissance era and I know some of it doesnt apply to modern day London unless you count watching Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. But this game seriously mean we rediscovered London on foot and through the back streets and quaint church building that have been hidden or engulfed by the constant row of shiny office blocks and apartments or constuction cranes. London is having a facelift for sure but aside from what I saw everyday at face value  I was glad to see that during this tour that it still retains the old school grime that is unique and ferociously steeped in history.

A Door In A Wall:


I recommend signing up to the mailing list and going to at least one of their events. I’m already lining up a team for the next one.


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