Despicable Me

Have you pressed play?  Good then I will begin.

What you should be now hearing is the  theme tune for Despicable Me sung by the delectable *swoon* Pharrell Williams.

It’s one of the coolest themes I’ve heard for an animated movie – obviously its no big score ala Lion King and the like but it’s actually quiet cool. Simple lyrics aside the beat and Pharrell’s voice make this one smooth record that I have now added to my (plug) HTC Desire (plug) play list.

The film itself is one that I will be adding to my ever-growing DVD tower, even more perturbing my ever-growing animated movie tower, because it was that cool. Seriously there is something to be had for animated movies not being made by Pixar, this film is Universal’s recent attempt to break in to the monster genre and it’s a cracking effort.

Everything from the characters, voiced by Steve Carell, Russell Brand and Miranda Cosgrove (she’s the annoying girl in Jack Black’s School of Rock, or if  like me you have a penchant for keeping it down with the kids, Nickelodeon’s iCarly) to the story and animation. It’s not the usual pretty, well-rounded animation that we have become used to with Pixar, it carries its own quirks like Dreamworks CG animations do.

Not going to lie wasn’t expecting to enjoy it much, but it was this feeling and pure love for the 3D experience that led me to watch How to Train your Dragon earlier this year and that turned out to be one of the best animated movies I have ever seen. So it was only fair to ignore my apprehensions based on results previous and I have to say my intuition to ignore my instincts was spot on.

Despicable Me  centre’s on Gru (above), a mad scientist type villain who is finding it hard to keep hold of his past success as a renowned Villain and harbours insecurities brought on from an antagonistic mother.

When he makes an ambitious promise to his boss to commit the crime of the century in order to fight off  competition from the younger and snazzy villain Vector Gru finds himself as guardian of three orphaned sisters. His reasons for adopting starts off less than favourable, and it soon becomes clear that his villainous attempts to use the girls in helping  him disrupt Vectors success have been foiled. So he plays dad and it’s not long before Gru lets his guard down and becomes attached, loving the girls the way his mother (voiced by animation favourite Julie Andrews) probably should have. It’s not long before he finds himself having to choose between living the life of his past or taking a leap of faith and trying something new.

It’s a heart-warming film but not to the extent that you’ll be crying in to the back of your hand within the first 5 minutes of the film (UP! /Finding Nemo) , but it will have you sniffling. The comedic cast, which also includes Forgetting Sarah Marshall‘s Jason Segel as the brilliant Vector, provide the silly humour throughout the film, it is truly funny and not in the  ‘lets-make-fun-of-…’ Shrek way or even the ‘ha-isnt -that-clever-how-they-brought-something -we-all-know-to life…’ Toy Story way either. It was simply a cast of funny accents and slapstick fun, with ‘people’. I say ‘people’ because aside from UP! (Which still included talking dogs hehe) most animated films these days are predominately about animals exclusively, fantastical creatures or usually inanimate beings. Not a bad thing, just saying.

If your going to come away with anything from this review let it be this, Agnes the youngest of the sibling girls and the cutest animated character since Boo in Monster’s Inc.


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