Forensic Evidence

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The images above are from last Sunday, when I took part , along with over 50 other people, in a huge game of murder mystery.

A Door in the Wall is conducted by arts types and happens every 5 months I am led to believe. It so happens I was able to make this one, and I am so glad I did. It was brilliant had us traipsing all over the Old East End of London in to the beautiful parks of St James and through labyrinth of Covent Garden and Holborn and back to Old street East London.

The plot was: a young man from Paraguay had been murdered. A package addressed to him had not been delivered, and he had some dodgy connections with some drug dealers. Oh yeah and he had an estranged ex-wife, a coke-head who he had swindled in a deal, and a Japanese ‘Attache’ with a price on his head all after him…amongst a couple of other suspects. Our job, in teams of maximum 6, was to find the package and find out who killed Luz (i cant remember his last name)

I have never had so much fun in playing detective since primary school, and we didn’t have actors and murder scenes popping up round every corner.

My favourite part of the entire game was when we ended up staking out a suspicious man. We actually had to follow him like we were undercover, fighting through the bustling crowds of Covent Garden. Every time he looked to see if he was being followed (having previously been told by a previous actor that we were not to let on that we were ) we conveniently ‘spread’, pretending to be on our mobile phones, or sitting on benches whilst normal shoppers stared at us in befuddlement …ha it was a thrill !

I have now invested in a second-hand Burberry Mac, just so I can feel the way I did at that precise moment all over again 🙂

I will be reviewing Door in the Wall so look there to find some details soon .


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