PUSH : An update


PUSH's Lydia: works in Fashion don't you know...


Oh my could it be? Central character Lydia from the Fiver ‘reality drama’ PUSH is actually attending a fashion event and writing about it?

I blogged about this a while ago (here) in regards to the shows less focus on the realism of the fashion industry it claims the main character is desperate to have a career in (problem is we never see her actually putting the hard graft in…a few ‘industry’ meetings and high street outfits do not cut it for me producers!

Alas this recent ep, has Lydia front row at some LFW show. Eeeek she is actually ‘working’, albeit the scenes last for all of 15 seconds, if that (few flash lights, emaciated models marching down the runway, then we are whisked back to the courtyard of Somerset house with a LARGE  LFW sign in the background and bustling well dressed fashionistas tottering back and forth camera) just so you know the character WORKS IN FASHION. Whateves.

image is print screen courtesy of five website.

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