Why am I so behind on this finding?

Actually I do pride myself on not sticking to the hype too much,  waiting till that shit dies down so I can appreciate the subject without influence. But HELLO — Quadron are my kind of thing – I geek out over this stuff and this music is so beautiful I had to post  about them – I’ve  just danced my way home from a mates birthday in London ‘East’ and as soon as I got in  I turned Quadron on to sooth me to sleep…whilst posting this.

If you don’t know then you better  – thanks Sula (my oh too, too cool  gorgeous friend for bringing them to my attention)

Quadron are a duo made up of multi-instrumentalist/producer Robin Hannibal and singer Coco O. They are fabulous. Unlike the electronica/dance exports you’d expect from Denmark [say what???], Quadron are  soul through and through, Neo Soul if we’re being pedantic, experimenting with beats in sublime confidence [ no pretentious electro sounds covering the vocals here ] outside of what US and UK artists provide – it’s so fresh, removed from the restrictions placed in those countries that its hard not to just feel a lifted. Coco’s voice is so slick, the beats are so on point – I don’t want to compare it but the obvious would be who you’re probably thinking of as you watch  [listen to] the video.

This is a self-made video but ‘Slipping‘ is on their debut album ‘Quadron’  which I think is out for sale but you can get on Spotify regardless.  The duo do a sexy version of Michael Jackson’s ‘Baby be Mine’ also on YouTube — I urge you to watch. The videos posted are personal, I think lead singer Coco [I want her in my pocket] features in them both, but it’s so nice and intriguing, a cut and spliced home video of the singer on holiday with her girlfriends, by the second verse you want to be part of their crowd.




2 thoughts on “QUADRON

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