Oh lord, really?

Takers [due for release 2010]

Idris and Zoe what the hell? black actors are hard to come by let alone there to take on the good roles, your agent was silly…don’t.do.it.again.

Paul, I expect this from you. I mean you gotta pay the bills and judging by those other films you did (three of them sequels) well lets just say I haven’t seen anything you’ve been in since ‘She’s all That

Hayden – ok so I saw Jumper (twice ..reluctantly) and like Chris Evans (urgh) in Push you can do the whole leading man tortured by extra terrestrial type abilities bestowed upon one via agent parents now missing, but you are no Damon, not yet and this is the wrong path to be going down if you want to achieve such.

The rest shouldn’t be acting. T.I., Chris Brown (I know – keep the ops open because they wont play your music), and the dude from all those music videos? (see here and here).

Matt Dillon, Jay Hernandez – hang your heads in shame, you sexy men you.


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