Cut+Paste #3

One day I was dying at the gym when I looked up from the cross trainer, that was trying to kill me, and saw an ad for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Great film, icon blah blah…look this is what I noticed, and quiet frankly it made a little bile come up – because i was working out so hard and the image i saw next just triggered bile in my stomach to my mouth.

Ferris and Sloane.

looks like they do have something to be guilty of. Incest.

They look too much alike – who cast them together? did they make a mistake but then it all went too far with the production that they kept Mia on? or was this some deeper meaning to the obnoxious, vain characteristic of Bueller – he loved himself so much he dated a girl that looked exactly like him? was this in the script biogs Mr John Hughes? was it?!

We’ll never know. My sister says it’s my warped brain but whatev’s.

I mean really, look …just look!



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