Legends of an Epic Fail: The Owls of a long and stupid 3D animation that looks cool but will be ridiculous.

I just had put it out there and let you guys know, before everyone else jumps on the current piss take like funny man – Rob Delaney* – that I had already recognised this ridiculous yet jarring and unforgettable title of a film when the trailer blasted on to the IMAX screen before the showing of Toy Story 3 back in July.

I remember looking at the screen and being slightly weary. Silly, I know, it’s not like this is the first time an animated film has contained speaking animals –

Watership Down had talking rabbits! Man the picture I really wanted to put on here was so grim, my brother told me not to. Gosh that film is disturbing.

and it certainly isn’t the first time they’ve done it in 3D, but this seemed crazy. When the flapping, and the all together unconvincing shouting (from the Owls beaks) ceased, the audience waited in part horror, (bearing in mind we were watching it on the largest screen in Britain) part bafflement and sheer curiosity as to what the hell had just happened. My thoughts in no order were: Why were they wearing helmets? Oh god to I have to pee? why did they have Antipodean accents? Is Ga’ Hoole and Australian city we don’t know about? it is still a developing country…

That is when the booming Trailer man voice announced:


There was a very, very sizeable pause in the room, I remember because I broke it by laughing.

This Ga’hoole nonsense was a booming, crashing spectacle (not going to lie it does look pretty impressive on the big screen) that in no way slowed down to make any sense, I also didn’t care…but then to drop a title as long and as dull as that, is just rude.

Having said all this, I did become obsessed with it and subjected my brother to a tirade of Gahoolist songs and bellows because the word is so addictive GA’HOOLE GA, GA, GA’HOOLE. Sometimes (almost always for me) you have to say it all just to get the full impact of the last word: Legends of the Guardians {brief pause} the {emphasis on} OWLS of {much emphasis on} Ga’ {empahsis on} Hoole. {end}

*Rob Delaney is so silly I snorted through my nose he’s so silly. Go here >Rob<

**This is not the spelling of the title, that would be so much cooler if it was. No, this is just the way it’s said.

edit: upon writing this I have seen a few more trailers which ‘explain’ the story a bit more. It still sounds crap. I’m sorry. I will give it this though – it looks beautiful, and I will probably be proved wrong when I see it on Sky movies next year.


One thought on “Legends of an Epic Fail: The Owls of a long and stupid 3D animation that looks cool but will be ridiculous.

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