I have a Girl crush on Diablo Cody

It’s probably somewhat a little too late seeing as I missed jumping on the Juno carousel but I don’t care. In fact it’s probably best it happened this way, because now I can talk about her beyond that film and open the conversation to – Diablo Cody the chat show host of Red Band Trailer fame.

I think I was fishing for a media trash fix on Perez Hilton at the time when I came upon a rant on Kristen Stewart. It bored me because Kristen bores me, but then there was Diablo entwined somehow in the post with a link to a video of hers on YouTube.

Apparently Ms Cody has got herself a YouTube channel and show called Red Band Trailer. She conducts interviews with celebs,  in a silver Airstream trailer that looks like a war bunker, whilst rambling seemingly unintelligible, quick-witted and sincere come backs at her interviewees for about 10 minutes. I can’t quiet put my finger on it, she’s visually appealing but her approach in conversation is pretty damn on point – it’s so funny, direct and personable like she’s just a geek at a convention geeking out over all the questions no one else asks because they wouldn’t get away with saying it…oh look the woman just fascinates me okay?

check her out

I highly recommend subscribing and keeping tabs on this show.

I also note that Diablo Cody is working on a Sweet Vah-lay, sweet vah-lay Hiiiiiiiigh* project – there are so many right things about this – I might explode.

* If you weren’t a child growing up in the 90’s then you wouldn’t have just sung that line, the way they do in the title sequence of the TV adaptation of the show.


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