Short People

Randy Newman makes me smile, his songs (ala ‘You’ve got a friend in me‘ equally as popular as the movie  it was written for Toy Story)  are just so damn catchy and upbeat. Even this (below) song about Short People (5’2 1/2 5’3 here)  had me bouncing absent-mindedly. Then I listened to the lyrics.

I can’t lie, I was slightly offended. I get the humour and ambiguity of the track and I can’t stop playing it , but I’m embarrassed to say for a moment there, it touched a nerve and I didn’t like it one bit.

Then I found this: Tall People by Jim Cotton

Believe it or Not: back in 1978 a legislation was proposed in Maryland U.S.A to ban this from being played on the radio! It didn’t pass though because of ‘free speech’ and all that jazz. Brilliant!


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