KiD CuDi

Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi is an All Americano Amigo. His first track [ Day ‘n’ Night’ ] grew on me – its simple, nostalgic to the days of the UK Garage scene 10 years ago.  I also did a little digging and discovered he helped pen a couple of the tracks on Kanye’s 808’s And Heartbreak album, he was the gorgeous vocal behind Kanye’s synthesized warbler on the track Welcome to Heartbreak.

So his new stuff? Well I have to admit i wasn’t looking beyond the single – but after watching How to make it in America I was all over the show’s mix-tape courtesy of Mr CuDi and DJ Green Lantern subsequently leading me to his youtube page. Now with the new concept Hip Hop album ‘Man on the Moon’ (2009) KiD Cudi is no doubt being compared to the likes of Pharrell (swoon), Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West. They also appear on his album, which for a début is a pretty impressive,  I’m looking forward to  seeing where he goes from here. The Soundtrack to my Life video makes me happy. When he makes it down to London I’m there.


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