Director:Cyril Tuschi | Writers:Georg Tschurtschenthaler
Cyril Tuschi | Contributors: Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Thomas Drake, Daniel Ellsberg.

Whistleblower: a noun synonymous today with the likes Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and more recently, Jeremy Hammond. Activists, journalists, risk-takers – people like you and I, with genuine convictions to expose the underhand tactics of the organisations that, we’re told, are set up to protect our human rights, our privacy. Hijacked and spun continuously through media sensationalism, to explain away the altogether much sinister, complex and in a lot of cases incomprehensible violations, the whistleblower is no longer a faceless prerequisite to bringing about a cause, it’s a way of securing a fate as public enemy number one, on a global scale.

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New dark comedy starring Eva Birthistle, Matt Berry and Antonia Campbell-Hughes premiering at Raindance Film Festival and nominated for Best UK Feature.  

“A dark comedy about love, loss and the aftermath of fame”

He was once a lead singer with adoring fans, now he’s just another forty-something guitarist struggling to launch a solo career. And, to make matters worse, his wife’s just left him for a woman. 

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Writer/Director: Fatmir Koci, Jonathan Preece |DOP: Enzo Brandner| Cast:Blerim Destani, Flonja Kodheli, James Biberi

Synopsis: Struggling to fund the already slow-to-progress construction of his house, Bekim decides to move from his humble home town in Albania, to the seedy underworld of Amsterdam, to earn the money to complete it. There’s just a few flaws in his master plan, like leaving behind his devoted girlfriend Martha and the matter of entering the Netherlands without any papers. The latter, as you can imagine sets off a series of events that leave our protagonist in a few less than desirable circumstances – subsequently drawing him into bad company.

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The 23rd RAINDANCE GALA | Press Release | “NEWCOMER”

Kai Barry’s spy thriller “NEWCOMER” has been selected to open London’s Raindance Film Festival on Wednesday 23rd September. 
“NEWCOMER”, which stars James Floyd (“My Brother the Devil”), Anthony LaPaglia (“Without a Trace”) and Noemi Merlant, follows Alex, the newest member of a special ops team working for the U.S. Government. When his first mission goes disastrously wrong, his bosses think he has betrayed them. He is forced to go on the run, and try to find out what really happened.
The producer is Srdjan Stakic and the executive producer is Brian Kavanaugh-Jones. Content Media is handling international sales rights on the movie. 
“NEWCOMER” will open the festival on Wednesday 23rd September at 7pm with a red carpet event and after party, which will be attended by cast and crew. 


It’s Autumn, my favourite time of year – the perfect weather to head to the cinema and discover new talent, in the UK and across the world. Raindance, Buff, LFF are all upon us from mid september right through to October, and I can’t wait.

Fortunately I’ve been given another chance to cover Raindance and LFF. I’ve selected the films I’d most like to see and I can tell you, it’s a truly mixed bag.


While there is the obvious Gala screenings (Suffragette), indie movie star turns (Nasty Baby and Beast of No Nation, starring Kristin Wiig and Idris Elba, respectively), and even indie movies created by established auteurs with star turns (Director Nicholas Hytner and writer Alan Bennett  for ‘The Lady in the Van – starring Maggie Smith) – the essence of the festival remains clear. All film, all filmmakers and lovers – welcome.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 22.19.10

Raindance kicks off tomorrow and promises to be an eclectic treat even better than the year before. With a serious selection of films from every corner of the world, this festival is perhaps my personal favourite – because it’s one where filmmakers and the audience get to interact and geek out about the process, the struggles and rewards of making a film.

So please enjoy, and I hope that my excitement and love for film rubs off, and opens your eyes to the independent cinema and the talent behind it that so desperately need continued funding and support.