I love new music. However I hate new music covering old music and pretending that they did it first. So basically everything Pitball, Jason Derulo (until recently) and almost every artist has/is doing for the past decade and more.

This is different though. Maybe because the original is still a very clear memory for me and because of the cover. Clearly people of my immediate generation (mid 80s-mid 90s)  are now in influential positions. We’re all fully grown adults making choices and important decisions and steering industries to suit our tastes. You can see it in fashion and film and Music. We’re nostalgic for our youth because we’ve only or still are coming out of it. The 90s was our time of care-free existence. So naturally every other Buzzfeed survey is a reference to a film, song or character popular during that time. Move over Brat Pack, Back to the Future, Miami Vice, Transformers, Michael C Hall – everyone wants to talk about Clueless, Freak and Geeks, My So Called Life, Party of Five, Leo Dicaprio, Boybands and more importantly Girl Power. Specifically Spice Girls. I remember how I felt when I saw these girls perform on Top of the Pops. It’s a wonderful mesh of excitement, mania and pride. It’s not a guilty pleasure, never was. I have yet to see a Girl Band generate and command that kind of love in my lifetime … or even ever. Danish songstress, MØ‘s tribute cover to the Spice Girls won me over. I immediately connected to her and wanted to look into more of her music simply because I know, like many our age, shared that same glee for this group. It’s something that we will never experience again because it’s so much different when your that young. Its innocent and consuming adoration. Also I just love the cover photo. 



Is not her name… but whatever she’s just on a different level to most young singers out there at the moment. One glorious half of the Danish duo Quadron, Coco is by far one of the best leading ladies of now. Which is saying something looking at the talent around today. But her voice, her burgeoning style (albeit the small print in securing an american record deal) and her stage presence is effortless. The Scandi’s are kind of winning in life right now. 

Watch Quadron’s new album video teaser and fall in love with Coco’s (and producer and multi-talented instrumentalist Robin) awesomeness. 


Coco O. at Cameo Coco-600x399 coco-o QUDRON quadron_billboard_650_13 quadron-favorite-star-video-600x337 Quadron-Neverland


photos: www.eurowoman.dk | singersroom.com | www.cmj.com | www.billboard.com | cargocollective.com |


I like the idea of Treasure being something so wonderful that people are constantly trying to contain it. The best kind of treasure is – allow me to get on my soapbox – shared; so that it may bring joy to many. That is my opinion and that is also my experience.  When I travelled to Paris last weekend (a bucket list oldie and part of my ‘living over grinding’ mantra) I was all consumed by the beautiful city; ticking off as many of its famed monuments and eating my body weight in salted caramel everything – that I almost forgot to visit the Passerelle de Solférino bridge. This is the bridge where couples and loved ones are known to attach a padlock to the bridge and launch the key into the river Seine* as a tribute to love.  

These metal displays on the bridge, for all to see, is such a beautiful and overwhelming sight. It’s a symbol something treasured so much that they want to bind it and keep it safe. TREASURES

*I may have made that bit up. But hey, I’m a romantic.

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